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Past Sidegig Episodes

Season 3

Final episode of Season 3, with Sidegig listener Sandra — a design professional working full-time while growing her side-hustle.

We ask all the right questions to ensure you’re able to take in your own actionable tips with insights from Sandra’s journey into side-hustling.

With millions of resources to “help” start and grow an email list, how do you know which ones will actually work?

In this episode, Preston, Ryan, and Ian brainstorm actionable strategies and ideas to help you get started and generate real income.

As a business owner, a good pitch can propel your business to the new level. But how do you compel potential sponsors to listen?

You’ve got one chance to make or break. In today’s episode, we discuss the do’s and don’ts for cold-pitching potential partners.

In this episode, Preston, Ryan and Ian dive deep into how Ian ranks #1 in Google for important, client-driving keywords.

You’ll also get some of his top SEO tips to building credibility and earning attention for your freelance business.

Ever wondered how some freelancers get hired by big companies while you’re having a hard time formulating a strategy to find any clients?

This episode is for you. Ryan, Ian and Preston also discuss the pros and cons of email automation vs manual outreach.

Finding the confidence to negotiate competitive rates is something many freelancers struggle with. And it’s no fun handling clients who lowball.

Ryan, Ian and Preston discuss what to keep in mind to become more comfortable charging what you’re really worth as a freelancer.

Working a side-hustle with your full-time job is no easy task. But if done right, it’s like getting the best of both worlds.

Side gigs give you an extra income with autonomy while you also enjoy the benefits of a day job. Don’t quit your day job…yet!

Welcome to a jam-packed Season 3 of ‘Sidegig’, Millo’s podcast for side-hustlers. Ryan, Ian, and Preston answer some of your top questions.

How can you manage your side gig with a full-time job, how to pitch business, how to negotiate, and more!

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Season 2

What if you’ve been building your side-business for a while now and you’re just not seeing the traction you had hoped for?

Should you throw in the towel? Quit? Give up? That’s the discussion we get into today—and it’s an eye-opening if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

One of the toughest questions to answer: When is the right moment to take your side-hustle full-time and leave your day job?

Not everyone with a side-hustle aspires to quit their day job, but plenty of people can’t wait until that perfect moment to give their 2-week notice.

When you’re basically working two jobs—hustling on your side-business and working at a day job—it can be really easy to burnout.

That’s why today’s episode of Sidegig is all about identifying, avoiding, and overcoming burnout when building your side-hustle.

Building a successful side-business is no easy task. And it can be even more difficult when you feel like you’re all alone in your journey.

In this episode we discuss a list of 12 entrepreneurs who have inspired, motivated, and helped us as we’ve built our own successful side-businesses.

Building a side-hustle isn’t easy. It’s filled with unique challenges, including how to balance 2 jobs with your personal life.

But there’s also when and how to talk to your boss about your sidegig, how to avoid burnout, and more. We address them all in this episode.

With millions of resources and tools to “help” you grow a business, how do you know which ones will actually be worth the time and money?

Today’s episode will help you get started on the right foot including 31 tools we’ve come to love across the three of us.

Think the first steps in starting your side-hustle are building a website, printing business cards, and designing a shiny new logo?

We’ve got news for you — you’re dead wrong, but you’re not alone in thinking this way. We explain why in today’s episode. 

It’s an all-new season of Sidegig and today we catch up after a break between seasons plus we share some of our best tips for places to work.

From the local coffee shop to coworking facilities to your local library, there’s really no shortage of places to get focused and productive.


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